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External Drive

  • External Drive Data Recovery

    Who would have thought your external hard drive could crash? Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think. When they fail it takes very specialized techniques in order to recover the data. The good news is that we can usually recover data from most failed external hard drives. The diagnostic evaluation is always free and there is no charge if we don’t succeed.

  • Common Symptoms
    Not Detecting
    Clicking Noise
    Drive Needs to be Formatted Accidental Erasure
  • What To Expect
    The initial evaluation generally takes 2-3 business days depending on the extend of the damage. Upon completion of the evaluation we will provide you with an exact quote for the recovery, estimated time to completion and probable success rate. You can stop by anytime, no appointment is required; you will need to leave the drive for a free diagnostic evaluation.
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    Free Evaluation
    Clean Install
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    Clean Install
    No Appointment Required
    Clean Install
    Emergency Service Available
  • If the drive has started to fail but has not yet suffered a catastrophic failure. then we can recover most of your data files. However, not all drives will be recoverable.About 20% of the time hard drives are severely damaged. In this case we can send the drive in to our partners’ clean room laboratory for extensive reconstruction work. The parts inside a hard drive are incredibly delicate and can easily be destroyed with one wrong move. this type of recovery is very complex and very expensive (up to $2000.00). The average turnaround time for this type of recovery is 10-15 business days.
  • What Can Be Recovered?
    When a drive is failing the main goal is to recover your user data. This includes your documents, photos, e-mails, videos etc. Programs and applications are generally recommend to be re-installed from the original disc after the recovery is complete. Many applications have copyright protection built in which may prevent them from working after recovery. As such, we do not guarantee that third party programs such as Quickbooks or Microsoft Office will be transferred.
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