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Custom PC

We have wide selection of USED/REFURBISHED Laptops & Desktops. The Standard Warranty on those is 90 Days.

We also build Computers the way you like. Our standard warranty is 2 years (industry standard for most big names is 1 year). We only use high quality components.

Here are 5 reasons why you should order your next PC from us:

- 2 YEARS HARDWARE WARRANTY – Most of the big computer companies offer you only a 1 year standard warranty. If you want an additional year you have to pay about 10%-15% of the price of the Computer. We offer you that additional year of warranty for free. For Warranty Terms please Click Here, or contact us.

- LOCAL SUPPORT – When you call us we answer quickly. You don’t have to navigate through a phone menu of options to get to someone overseas and many times we can resolve your issues over the phone.

- FREE DATA TRANSFER FROM OLD PC – While big chain stores charge you extra to transfer your documents and pictures, we charge you nothing.

- WE MAY OFFER YOU A TRADE IN DISCOUNT FOR YOUR OLD PC – And if your old PC is worth nothing to us, we will gladly Recycle it for you, ensuring that your personal information is completely erased from the Hard Drive. Together we can keep our environment cleaner.

- LIFE TIME DISCOUNTS ON REPAIRS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY – Should you have any issues not covered under warranty or after the Warranty has expired, we will give you up to 30% discounts on repairs.