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Virus Infection

  • Is your computer’s performance leaving you unsatisfied and wanting more?  Happily, improving your computer’s performance doesn’t involve a medicine cabinet and chatting with a stranger while lying on a couch.  We can speed up your machine with a variety of inexpensive and painless fixes: including memory upgrades, spyware and virus removal, system optimizations, and thorough cleanings.
  • Virus Removal Ocean City
    Clean Install
    We can remove virus & spyware
    Clean Install
    Complete eradication of malicious software
    Clean Install
    Optimize your PC for maximum speed
  • Clean Install
    We can wipe your computer clean and start fresh. We’ll reinstall your current operating system and do all the updates. This also includes lifetime anti-virus protection.
  • Laptop Screen Replacement Ocean City
    Completely erases all viruses
    Wipes the entire machine and starts fresh
    Includes free anti-virus software
  • System Tune Up
    A complete optimization of your computer will clean out all of the virus & spyware with noticeably increased performance. You will not lose any of your data with a tune-up. We will install free anti-virus software if you need one.
  • Laptop Screen Replacement Ocean City
    Removes the virus from your computer
    Keeps all of your programs & data intact
    Optimizes your PC for peak performance