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Liquid Spill

  • Repairing this problem is often the most expensive repair we offer. Owners of older computers (more than 5 years) should probably consider a new one. For those of you with newer machines: if your computer is not powering on, it usually indicates a problem with either the power supply or the motherboard. Of the two possibilities, most often (95% of the time) it is the motherboard. Motherboard replacements are often expensive and time consuming repairs.
  • Virus Removal Ocean City
    Liquid Damage
    No Video
    Physically damaged
    No Power
  • Motherboard Replacement
    If your motherboard is damaged beyond repair, the next option is to replace the entire board. The price range for a replacement motherboard varies greatly depending on the make and model of the computer. We can provide you an exact quote for a replacement if the repair is not possible.
  • Laptop Screen Replacement Ocean City
    You will not lose your data
    New or Used Motherboards
    All work done in-house