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Broken Screen

  • A cracked screen is almost always caused by laptop abuse.  If your computer was made within the last 4-5 years, this repair should be worth doing – if you own an older machine, you might want to give us a call before you bring it in – it might just be time to buy a new one. We have a lot of new and used screens in stock. All screens come with warranty.
  • Broken Laptop Screen Repair Ocean City
    Restore your laptops to working condition
    All of your data will stay intact
    Original factory made screens
  • Replacement Screen
    Free Quote
    Screen prices vary considerably based on the the type of screen used in the laptop. We can provide an estimate based solely on the model of the laptop, but for an exact quote, we’d ask you to bring the laptop in. We generally need to open the laptop and get the part number off the back of the screen in your laptop to provide an exact price.
  • Laptop Screen Replacement Ocean City
    LCD’s and LED’s generally run $120-$200
    Used Screens are almost half price.
    Free quote on any screen replacement